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All of our core subject areas are aligned with NAD and Tennessee State Standards, incorporate the various learning modalities throughout, and uniquely highlight how God is the foundation of all true knowledge and understanding.

We believe that the foundation of learning stands in the ability to read and comprehend. At Lighthouse Christian Academy, we use a carefully selected collection of books that enable the students to develop strong reading skills, comprehension and critical thinking abilities. The materials used in class are also designed to strengthen the students' moral values while enabling them to make independent choices. Pathways, the Language Arts curriculum, has been created by a collective of remarkable Christian Language Arts scholars and was designed for students from grades one to eight. 

The ability to communicate through writing is an essential skill that we develop so that the students can express themselves both professionally and creatively.

We believe that every child is unique and our classroom structure lets us meet the students' needs where they are, thus helping them to reach their full potential. We use a well known and efficient curriculum for Mathematics - Saxon Math, which enables all students to study at their own pace while developing strong mathematical skills. 

Through the study of the natural world we can clearly see how it testifies of a loving Heavenly Father who desires for us to learn more of His character through His creations. The curriculum used for this class, By Design, is a Christian curriculum that emphasizes the creating power of our God. 

Social studies

The study of geography and our communities is very important in understanding those who live around us. We aim to teach our students about the world around us and those who live in it through the lens of acceptance. We wish them to understand that even though we might be coming from different backgrounds, we are all precious children in the eyes of our Creator. The comprehensive social studies curriculum used was created by McGraw-Hill publishing company and it ranges from the history and geography of the United State to the history and geography of the world. 

One of our main goals at LCA is to develop strong relationships between our students and their Savior, Jesus! We aim to accomplish this through a variety of approaches. With the Bible as our main textbook, we investigate the lessons found within while also using Bible study guides, video presentations that were created with children in mind, Bible story books and more. Our Friday "Live questions" class allow students to bring their questions about the Bible topics to the class and we learn how to search for the answers from the Bible and Bible alone. The NAD approved "Encounter" curriculum guides the lessons through an assortment of topics. 


While it is our goal to be a low tech school, we believe that it is important to prepare students for the highly technological world in which we live. Students learn a variety of skills from typing and using computer applications, to conducting online research, while understanding the importance of cyber safety. 

Physical Education
We strive to equip each student with lifelong skills that will assist them in maintaining an energetic and healthy lifestyle for years to come. While teaching the basics of fitness, we also expose our students to various team sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball and disc-golf, to name a few. The main purpose is to teach team play and fair-play while having fun and developing our physical strength. 


We believe that music is a gift from God and an opportunity to explore our creative side. The students participate in daily singing, learn the basics of music theory and music history, and develop an appreciate for Christian and Classical music. On Fridays, the students explore the art of handbell playing, learning a variety of classical and Christian works written for handbell choir. A musical program is presented by the students once a semester at Christmas and Easter time. 


The art class we offer is taught by a professional volunteer artist that joins us once a week. Students are taught the basics of watercolor painting, drawing and coloring, sketching and pottery. 


We believe that a healthy mind can only exist within a healthy body. As such, in conjunction with physical education, we offer a gardening class, during which students learn how to plant and tend a garden. Students are offered then chance to observe the growth of plants, to analyze the effect different types of soil have on plants, and much more. 

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