Lighthouse Christian Academy

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School Growth Giving online

Thank you for pledging to help our youngest prospective students find a safe and spiritual place to learn and grow!

If you would like to donate online, go to our Adventist School Pay page found at  Then register to give.


Just follow the instructions.  Then login with your Email address and password.  Then click the "Done: I only wish to give a donation to the school" button


Enter your one-time or monthly pledge amount for the "School Growth Fund."  If you would consider donating by electronic check, your donation will have maximum impact.  When you pay by check electronically our school pays no credit card fees and is only charged 20 cents for each transaction, no matter how large your transaction.  Whether you pay by electronic check or by credit/debit card, we thank you for your generosity!


Follow the instructions to complete the donation.

Thank you again for investing for eternity!

For paper pledge donations go here.

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